Beba Word Challenge

Beba Word Challenge lets you play and test your words skills against other online challengers. You score by finding any valid 3 to 6 letter words from the sets of available characters given. Each sets of letters are randomly chosen. You progresses to the next level only if you meet the minimum score required.

Your goal

  • Score as much as possible to beat the players on the top score list
  • Improve your own word dictionary as you play
  • It doesn't end there. Keep coming back to challenge more players to keep them from knocking you off the high score chart.
  • Get to the high score chart and show others that they're no challenge for you!


  • Find as many 3 to 6 letter words as quickly as possible before the timer runs out.

Game features

  • Easy, normal, hard*, and time challenge modes
  • Save and continue any number of games
  • Your personal word stats
  • Online scores
  • Live word dictionary for your enjoyment
*hard game mode is intimidating and should be played by hardcore gamers only

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